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NO REGRETS by Sourful NO REGRETS by Sourful
I uhm, got a shiny espurr, got sick, and had time to do this thing. No regrets.

Fionn "Goon"

Pokemon: Espurr :iconespurrplz:

Age: 13


Rank: F

Level: 5

Type: :iconpsychictypeplz:

Country: Cassus

Class: Advertisement

:iconnormaltypeplz: Scratch- Quite literally, he scratches like the feline he is.
:iconnormaltypeplz: Leer- Being an Espurr, his blank gaze can get quite unnerving, and he uses this to his advantage. This makes attacking much easier, as the opponent stiffens under the pressure of his gaze. This also works in another way. Since he is so small, people would naturally let their guard down, gaining the same defense-lowering effect.
:iconnormaltypeplz: Covet- Keeping his eyes on his target of choice, he pickpockets them whether they notice him or not, distractions work well. No one stopped him yet. This is an attack, so he does harm the target should they resist at all.

Keen Eye- Those large eyes are more than just for show; he has better than perfect vision, and his accuracy cannot be lowered. This helps him in his day-to-day life and his pickpocketing habit.

-A scarf.
-A scarf/belt.
-White gloves
-Silver bracelets.
-A random assortment of stolen goodies.

Lax by nature, he cares little about those around him and even himself. Usually only enough to keep his ears folded, and his power contained.

Spoiled from a young age, one could go as far as call him down right lazy. Should he want something, he'll either take it or stare at it until someone gives it to him. He's found frequently alone, but does prefer the company of others, despite his quiet and slightly creepy behavior. Once he warms up to someone, he will follow them around like a lost puppy.

He will purposefully try to unnerve strangers, and will act passively towards those he dislikes. He will hiss if they get too friendly with him though. If push comes to shove, Fionn has few issues with drawing blood.

All too often, he wanders off. Seems he never learned the lesson that curiosity killed the cat.

-Being a Shiny comes in handy on the job, since he is responsible for attracting new customers into the shops and tents  of his traveling circus. It's easy to spot him, and he does his job surprisingly well.
-Very skilled in the art of staring. He is the reigning champion of staring contests.
-Surprisingly well-balanced and light footed.

-Nearly impossible to hide. Loses every game of hide-and-seek.
-His focus is limited. While he is extremely good at doing one thing, but multitasking is not one of his talents.
-While he practices and excels at psychic attacks, his physical attacks are lacking, as his his physical defense.
-Weak willed.

He could not have been born luckier if he planned it. Born a Shiny, to kind parents, and welcomed to a large "family", he had and still has a pretty well off life. Sure, the circus doesn't always make much money, but the people are friendly and the job is always entertaining.

Spoiled by his parents and peers, he was always provided at least two meals a day, with snacks and all sorts of sweets in between.

The first time he was given a real chore to do, he wandered off to play instead among the visiting children. He caught the attention of others fairly easily, and made a habit of directing others towards the tents he liked best. After a scolding for not taking care of the animals like he was instructed, he was allowed to continue his little tour job. Graduating from that, he was soon allowed to wander the towns their circus visited and direct people towards the tents and acts.

His favorite part of the job is the balloons he gets to carry around, though he's never too happy at having to hand them out to others.

-He actually enjoys his ears being petted, but because of Espurr reasons, he avoids them being touched at all costs. Unless it's someone he dislikes.
-He will randomly meow.
-Personal attachments to balloons are a too-common occurrence.
-His pickpocketing habit is likely a result of being spoiled.
-He's too confident while on the streets, and will there-fore make stupid decisions.
-Eavesdrops on conversations.

Personal Quote: “... Follow me, Mister?” "Meow."

Theme song:… The Rains of Castamere
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