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YirilmorRealm- Alamar by Sourful YirilmorRealm- Alamar by Sourful
Uh... Made it on time. More to add, yes. But for now.. I'm done with this grump.
for :iconyirilmorrealm:




Canyon Dragon

Too old. Appearance-wise, mid thirties.


   Human Height: 5"11'
   Creature Height: 3"2' (At the shoulder)



Bullet; Orange-Terrakinesis - He can make rock, sand, and other earthly minerals defy gravity, seemingly move of their own accord. A useful power, when one lives in a canyon filled land. He often uses this power to make flying courses and homes for himself, abandoning or reconstructing them whenever he feels fit. In battle, rocks can be shaped and launched at opponents, often resulting in an impaled fool. The fool may likewise be launched from the ground by manipulating the ground underneath him or her. For defense, walls are created to withstand whatever damage may be directed at him.

*-Aerokinesis - Controlling the wind itself is also a very handy ability when one flies more than he walks. The ability can also be used to lift objects and people alike, or simply knocking something off balance. Not often used for offense, usually only to boost his own speed.

Bullet; Red-Illumination - The light idly discharged is harmless due to it's weak intensity. No more dangerous than a firefly. But the very same light can turn blindingly bright, thus causing temporary vision damage to those affected. This effect is also matched with a burning effect - the light is harmful to skin that is not his own, and the victim may find themselves with burn marks if exposed to a strong discharge. The light itself can be specifically directed, in situations where he would not wish to damage all that are around him; the light itself is his energy supply so, though some always seeps out, he prefers to avoid using it in large quantity.

Bullet; Red-Pyrokinesis - With the body of a dragon comes the stereotypical ability to manipulate fire. This comes in both the variety of breathing fire, which is used more often than not, and to spontaniously summon a flame otherwise. With his lungs being as big as they are, maintaining a steady flame is hardly an issue, and foes should not take the fire pit lightly.

Bullet; Black-Void - A type of shadow manipulation. This ability can be used to blind, cool, and conceal. With a simple trick of the mind, the light coming to someone's eyes can be diminished to the point where they would be forsed to stumble around and grope the air for security. With the absence of light, objects and people can be hidden, leaving a black spot in the view. This is most effectively used in an already dark place to keep curious people away. With the absence of light often accompanies the absence of warmth and energy, and prolonged exposure can ultimately cause depression and hypothermia.
He's also kick-ass with shadow puppets.

Gold; lots of gold and obsidian jewelry.
A handy dagger at his back.

Grumpy is what he is. Although he considers himself a patient man, the right remark or simply the appearance of the right person can set him off into a ranting or bickering state. Otherwise, he is rather passive and pessimistic.
He has a dry and somewhat dark sense of humor, often sarcastic with his remarks. Typically seen as antisocial, he still prefers the company of those he knows well to that of solitude.

Since energy is constantly leaving his body in the form of light, continuous and vigorous activity can cause him to tire easily.
He keeps to himself more often than not, only discarding his salitude willingly to be with those he knows well. As a result, he can be pretty ignorant.
A sucker for shiny things of all nature.
Cannot eat in large amounts, requiring for constant snacking. He can be bribed with food like any other animal.

Handy with his hands, he creates a variety of crafts if he gets bored enough to do so; jewelry, small sculpts, and whatever else comes to mind.
With much experience under his belt, he considers himself a fine architect. Though, he often forgoes his skills to make modest homes in not so modest locations. That being said, he still has fun with his earth manipulating powers.
He is well trained in the art of breaking and entering.

Not much is known about his past; the same can be said for any of the overseers. Old ruins and strange formations hint at his long lived existence, but little can be taken away from them. Many fights are definitely indicated, both minor and major. Those who had come in contact with the dragon had asked him before how he had come into power, yet all were promptly ignore.

The yellow stripes on his sides and upper back glow. Even in his human form.
Generally stays as a dragon.
Potty mouth.
Avoids speaking to strangers, but can be enticed rather easily.
Favorite food: deer. Roasted, fried, boiled, you name it.

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shadow-hobo07 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
nice character :D i esp love the dragon :XD:
Hawst-r Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oooh he looks lovely VwV sob very niceee ;w; ♥
ColmLikesFood Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2014
Good job on getting it done dearie uvu You've worked very hard ;v;
extra thumbs up for deer consumption
Blutmalerei Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Love his design. c':
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